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Sergio Moses - vocal coach, musicista, chitarrista
Train with the vocal coach Sergio Moses.
If you cannot meet him in the innovative “Voice Laboratory”, just outside Turin, you can reach him ONLINE. He will accompany you in the magical world of modern singing.
Do not hesitate to ask info to 335 8406645 or write an email to
Sergio Moses - vocal coach, musicista, chitarristaThe innovative “Voice Laboratory”, director Sergio Moses, opens from 7/1/2020!
A place, a meeting place, a home for those who love music, singing and its rules. An innovative Studio at the gates of Turin for learning and starting the profession of singer and a music production studio for your recordings.
Sergio Moses - vocal coach, musicista, chitarristaCome and train with the vocal coach Sergio Moses,” says Sergio Moses through his website.“If one day, out of curiosity, necessity, need or any other reason, you approach the magical world of modern singing, I will make you know how personalized vocal training works.
The individual training that I will create for you, your voice and your needs, will ensure that you are not or become anyone’s clone, enhancing those that are the natural characteristics that you are already wearing. To experience music with passion in all its expressions!
Sergio Moses - vocal coach, musicista, chitarristaShort biography:

2001: at the 51st Festival di Sanremo he obtained second place in the Youth Section of the edition conducted by Raffaella Carrà. Second place also to the Critics Award with the song “Maggie” in collaboration with Matteo Di Franco.

2003: becomes Moses in the musical colossal of “THE TEN COMMANDMENTS” throughout Italy. In October of the same year, called by Paolo Bonolis, he became the voice of the “DOMENICA IN” orchestra.

2005: on 7 August he is invited to sing in Castel Gandolfo in front of the pope Benedetto XVI, in a mass dedicated to the memory of Giovanni Paolo II. In December he recorded “We Are Not Heroes” the new single with also an amazing video clip.

2006: goes for a tour of 36 shows in Seoul, Korea, playing the role of Moses in the same colossal mentioned above “THE TEN COMMANDMENTS”.

2008: leaves for São Paulo in Brazil for a concert at the “ARSENALE”. In July he was invited to join the orchestra for the prestigious “Castrocaro Festival”, conducted by Eleonora Daniele broadcast live on Raiuno.

2013: becomes part of the historical formation of “LA STORIA NEW TROLLS” led by Vittorio De Scalzi who, with an always open tour, returns to travel through the squares and theaters of Italy and beyond.

2019: begins his experience at the Gypsy Musical Academy as a vocal technician.
For more than 10 years he has been practicing vocal technician with the innovative S.V.F. (Set Vocal Free) personally managing the training and bringing his consultations around Italy through singing stages called “Total Body”, the body at the service of the voice.

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