1blog4u is the blog of Gabriella Ruggieri & partner

Gabriella Ruggieri & partners promoting the excellence of 100% Made in Italy, 100% Made in US and much more.
Gabriella Ruggieri & partners cares about the environment and praises for an Eco-friendly planet, with a dedicated hashtag such as #saturdayrecycling, which is being widely utilized on all of the main social media. Anyone could post “green” ideas which could be of inspiration for others alike.
Some of these, eventually, will be published on our website under the photo “Gallery” section.
Our goal is to help and guide our clientele by offering a wide platform of quality choices, promoting excellence in the realms of fashion and accessories, design and furnishing accessories, bijoux and jewellery, art, music connected with events, etc..
We will also cover popular and not so popular destinations, clubs, B&B and other exclusive locations where one could indulge into a well deserved time off? Or perhaps even for a stop while working?
Without forgetting the support of our creative team thanks to the partnership with Original Comunicazione and the photographer Vaifro Minoretti that it allows us to offer to our clients: high-quality photography, graphic design inspirations and digital marketing.

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