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HOBBY SHOW Milano - Fiera Milano City
HOBBY SHOW in Milan (the “mother” of all the other HOBBY SHOWs, Pordenone, Roma, Pescara, Catania) is scheduled, in an all-new version. In the pavilions of Fiera Milano City, it was possible to find everything needed for spare time to dedicate to their passions and favourite activities, and much more. The stands included companies, retailers, shops, specialised publishing, and above all teachers and experts, “tutors” to guide you through the discovery of new frontiers and to illustrate the most disparate decorating techniques. The many offers included: decoupage, scrapbooking, Biedermeier, rock painting, costume jewellery, cross stitch, needlepoint, filet crochet, patchwork and quilting, painting on fabric and silk, pottery, engraving, glass work, cake design and cooking. The dynamic and constantly expanding sector has often fully booked for the various sessions, stages and workshops. The strong feature of Hobby Show is its ability to interpret all the aspects of female handicrafts and meet the expectations and needs of every category of visitor. Five companies struck me: SAROBIDY, INNBAMBOO, HOBBY FELTRO, CREATTIVA Srl and the FANTASIOSE VIAGGIANTI’s courses. Two “ingredients” that are not lacking: welcome and kindness. Below you will find a brief description of each of them and the contact details and… do not forget to visit the gallery.
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Gabriella Ruggieri for 1blog4u  (ph. Vaifro Minoretti)

1) SAROBIDY offers a wide selection of products for the creation of bijoux.
Everything you need for your creations: glass, resin, wood, semiprecious stones, crystals, a wide selection of small parts, chains, threads of all kinds, felt and much more. They exhibit at numerous trade shows.

HOBBY SHOW Milano - Fiera Milano City
2) INNBAMBOO: Born from the idea of combining art and nature, the Innbamboo scarf is an artiginal product of completely vegetable origin.
The drawings inspired by the most famous pictorial works of the impressionists, Pop art and Art Dèco are entrusted to the creative genius of their decorators.
Bamboo fibre, obtained through natural processes, reflects the innate characteristics of the plant: lightness, resistance and extreme flexibility.
The versatile dimension, the designs, the warm and brilliant shades allow it to be used not only as a scarf or stole but also as a pareo or turban. An accessory-unisex garment that adapts to the wearer’s creativity. (Vegetable extraction colors, packaging made with recycled cardboard and VeganOk Certification.)
HOBBY SHOW Milano - Fiera Milano City
3) HOBBY FELTRO (Arzignano, Vicenza) Hobbyfeltro is a website entirely dedicated to online sales of felt, felt bags, Pannolenci and headbands. An Italian company specialized in creating refined and elegant creative products for both work and leisure.
HOBBY SHOW Milano - Fiera Milano City
4) CREATTIVA Srl (Legnano, Milano) you can find many ideas for creativity!
Mission: a company composed of a creative, professional and competent team, driven by their passion for teaching and the involvement of the Craft HandMade, always looking for new materials and creative ideas.
Description: at their showroom, you can find many creative materials and ideas to fuel your imagination!
Founders: Marta Zanzottera and Gabriele Crisafio
Products: everything you need to make your fashion accessories, bijoux, creative favors and more, a shop for your creative hobbies
HOBBY SHOW Milano - Fiera Milano City5) FANTASIOSE VIAGGIANTI – (Erica NicomediFrancesca GhidiniMarina CalzolariMonica CagnoneTatiana Antonicelli)
Another group of creative present at HOBBY SHOW was that of “Fantasiose Viaggianti”, a fellowship of colleagues, friends who decided to combine colors, and above all experiences to offer hobbyists the opportunity to experiment and master everything that is passionate about this magical world of creativity, dexterity and imagination… In particular:

Marina Calzolari has taken advantage of “lights and colors”, proposing acrylic and watercolor painting for beginners and experts, as well as tickets, watercolors and light embellishments for the Christmas house;
Monica Cagnone presented her Christmas balls, combining tradition and creativity through decorations with stencils, paintings, cards, relief effects, to decorate and embellish the rooms;
Francesca Ghidini presented her “color transparencies”, demonstrating how, with water colors, you can paint and decorate mini dolls, jewels, angels, and travel books and how to take advantage of the versatility and brilliance of colors to embellish paper, wood and polyshrink;
Erica Nicomedi presented herself with “paper and colors”, to help the creative ones to contain the memories, the thoughts, the most beautiful images and the warm wishes for Christmas using the techniques of scrapbooking and cardmaking;
Tatiana Antonicelli has made the atmosphere of Christmas even more magical through colors and bells, wool and stone paper, and then lace, ribbons and colored berries.


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