Italian Version

La fatina degli incubi - The Nightmare Fairy
The Nightmare Fairy – La Fatina Degli Incubi

Cristina Iemmi (author and illustrations)
Miranda Goodman (translator)
Youcanprint Self-Selfpublishing (publisher)
La fatina degli incubi - The Nightmare Fairy

They suddenly appear during the night. They have horrible faces and are extremely nasty. Their favourite pastime is to scare sleeping children.
But who are these monsters?
They are Nightmares!
But recently it seems that THEY are the ones who are frightened, as a tiny little fairy has appeared who keeps watch over every child’s sleep…
La fatina degli incubi - The Nightmare Fairy
Cristina Iemmi (Montecchio Emilia, 1966) has been involved in Visual Merchandising from an early age and instead of using prefabricated materials, has invented in each instance, everything necessary to “illustrate” and give the maximum expression, to the various products that she has represented.
This predisposition comes from her passion for graphic design and colour, something that has fascinated her since childhood and throughout the years has been perfected, becoming her profession.
Photography and Writing are also part of her world. The camera lens is nothing but “a glass paintbrush”, enabling her to illustrate moments of an image at such a speed that the process of ordinary painting would be unable to capture. She now makes her debut with this bilingual fairy story, which is the first of a series of tales dedicated to children, called “The Nightmare Fairy”.
La fatina degli incubi - The Nightmare Fairy
Miranda Goodman, lives in Rome but was brought up in Derbyshire, England.
She fluently speaks three languages and has always worked in public relations. She admires everything creative and when possible tries to dedicate her free time to the countryside.Where to buy:
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