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RANDITAN by Randi Tannenbaum - handmade belt buckles
RANDITAN: artist and designer Randi Tannenbaum ( creates unique jewelry and accessories for the individual who wants to wear “art that no one else is wearing.” Undoubtedly, she is a well-established artist: she has been reviewed by many magazines, newspapers, online editors, top bloggers, TV, radio and among her fans is the well-known American film producer and actor Louis Herthum, known to many from the successful HBO series “Westworld”.
RANDITAN by Randi Tannenbaum - handmade belt bucklesThe signed and numbered mosaic belt buckles are individually handcrafted by Randi from vintage license plates found in dusty attics, barns and auctions, using a multi-step process that involves cutting, shaping, hammering, filing, welding, cementing, beveling, waxing and polishing. Randi notes, “Each of my metal mosaic belt buckles is a one of a kind, just like the people who wear them.”
“My aim is to draw attention to the beauty that is created from the wear and tear on a material or finish. I don’t like ‘perfect’. I prefer the idiosyncrasies that make each piece unique. Weather and time give a rich patina to industrial painted metal that I find utterly appealing.”
RANDITAN by Randi Tannenbaum - handmade belt bucklesRandi has been designing jewelry and accessories, including rings, cufflinks, necklaces and more, full time for more than a decade. In addition to her work with vintage metals, she is inspired by unusual combinations of materials which she pulls together from her own extensive collection of original charms, gem stones, salvaged metals and bits of vintage toys and machinery. Randi also creates commissioned mosaic wall pieces using vintage license plates and other metals. Randi’s wall art has been purchased by a number of collectors, including some Hollywood celebrities.
RANDITAN by Randi Tannenbaum - handmade belt bucklesRANDITAN jewelry, accessories and art is available at, at boutiques around the United States and at the annual Out of Hand Craft Show in Baltimore, Maryland.
Take a moment to read the interview that Randi kindly gave us:
RANDITAN by Randi Tannenbaum - handmade belt bucklesWe played with one of his wonderful belts, I hope you enjoyed the photos and … do not forget to visit her website, where you will find other beautiful and unique creations. Gabriella Ruggieri for 1blog4u
Randitan on Etsy

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