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  • Sonia Factory
    Located in Milan, this multi-functional site acts as a base for Sonia Peronaci’s operations allowing the well-known chef, TV personality, writer and influential food blogger to run cookery classes, develop new products and services, and utilise the space for events and filming. To help build her profile with an international market, Sonia Peronaci worked with the network of young design consultants from Colombo Experience.
    Sonia Factory
    Stefano Colombo, Chief Operating Officer, Colombo Experience Srl: “This space was conceived as a large kitchen, an office, a co-working area, an ideas incubator, an events area, and an art gallery for artisans and artists. So, the key was to ensure that the space had the flexibility to be reconfigured to suit different audience requirements from students through to businesses hosting their own events. It needed to be multi-disciplinary, innovative and convivial while linking back to traditional Italian design. Colombo Experience’s project succeeds in showcasing classic Italian elegance with a contemporary twist. The designers have utilised modern building techniques throughout the project with sustainability at the heart.
    Sonia Factory
    It features a low environmental impact LED lighting system, three vertical gardens, with “living” greenery to allow for better oxygenation and to enable new air to circulate throughout, as well as the use of Neolith which offers a sustainable alternative to real marble that is 100% natural”. (
    Sonia Factory
    If you are looking for a unique location, different from the usual exhibition spaces, with special features and very cozy, SONIA Factory is the right choice. It’s shaped as an enchanting apartment, for its strategic position and the great visibility, because it is perfect for any kind of setting up or installation.
    SONIA Factory:
  • openings
  • cooking show
  • set video
  • set shooting
  • press conferences
  • private events
  • format tv
  • meetings
  • show room
  • presentations products
    Sonia Factory
    The cooking school consists of 12 workstations and is designed to offer:
  • professional courses
  • amateur courses

team building
Sonia Factory
Thank you again, Francesco Lopes, for your exquisite welcome.
Gabriella Ruggieri  for 1blog4u 

SONIA Factory (
Via Bramante 37
20154  MILANO  MI


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