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SANGO Wildlife Lodge - ZimbabweSANGO Wildlife Lodge – Zimbabwe
5th best safari lodge in the world
Edmond Blanc Prize for Sustainable Development

SANGO Wildlife Lodge - Zimbabwe
A journey to SANGO Wildlife Lodge in the heart of the Savé Valley Conservancy will take you to superlatives you never knew existed, taking in the marvellous variety of unique “Big5“ (elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo, and rhino) roaming free on 60.00 hectares of wild African bush. We saw all of them.
SANGO Wildlife Lodge - Zimbabwe
The famous sunsets and starry skies were the highlight of each day.
SANGO Lodge has a piece of my heart. It is probably the most beautiful and magnificent place I have ever visited.
SANGO Wildlife Lodge - Zimbabwe
An amazing spot of well preserved wildlife and nature, far away from the Commercial-touristic places. In the Center a beautifully arranged and luxurious lodge with lots of space and privacy.
SANGO Wildlife Lodge - Zimbabwe
Very friendly staff and amazing food!! It is just an unforgettable experience that made our stay unforgettable!!!
I hope you will appreciate my photos.
Alberto Adami for 1blog4u

SANGO Wildlife Lodge - Zimbabwe
Journey of a lifetime. SANGO offers you a variety of amazing experiences.

Untouched Wilderness. Amazing Nature.
In 1993, Wilfried Pabst bought the beautiful area of 600 square kilometers in southeastern Zimbabwe now known as SANGO. The first things he and his team did was to remove internal barriers and reintroduce wildlife indigenous to the area. They established anti-poaching teams to protect endangered species, infrastructure was erected and roads were constructed. Today, 120 people work at Sango. SANGO Lodge and the Tented Camp opened its doors to guests for the first time in 2003.
Right where you need it. The art of meeting your highest expectations.
All meals and beverages are included. Guests are invited to relax in the lounge or library, at the full bar, around their famous open fire place, or next to the swimming pool at the main lodge.
For the more energetic, the main lodge also offers a gym with gyroscope, cardio machines, boxing circuit and free-weights, all with discretion guaranteed.
Daily housekeeping and their full laundry service is included. They will endeavour to accommodate requests for special services made in advance.
Satellite internet access is available at select locations. In case you need to do some business, you are warmly invited to their specially designed office.
SANGO Wildlife Lodge - Zimbabwe

SANGO is situated in southeastern Zimbabwe, one of six countries at the southern tip of Africa, which is bordered by Zambia (north), Mozambique (east), South Africa (south) and Botswana (west). Visit Zimbabwe Tourism for more information about this beautiful country.
SANGO is approximately 440 kilometres south east of Harare. Zimbabwe can be accessed by air or road. Air and/or road transfers to SANGO as well as hotel accommodation before and/or after your stay at SANGO can be arranged by their staff upon request.
SANGO Wildlife Lodge - Zimbabwe

Falconry and Bird Watching
SANGO is home of some of the most beautiful birds in Africa.

SANGO Wildlife Lodge - ZimbabweCandle Light Dinner
Enjoy a candle light dinner in the wilderness amongst wild animals with the highest comfort and all amenities.
SANGO Wildlife Lodge - Zimbabwe

Nignt Drives
Enjoy their night drives early in the morning or late in the evening and feel the bush coming alive.
SANGO Wildlife Lodge - Zimbabwe

Walking Safari
They want you to experience wildlife at SANGO as it is – untouched, beautiful and authentic. You decide what animal you wants to watch and their well trained rangers will guide you.
Forget crowded trucks and artificial waterholes and experience the real wildlife.
SANGO Wildlife Lodge - Zimbabwe

Photo Safari
SANGO offers individual or small group photographic safaris where you can enjoy the tranquillity of the African bush while you wait to capture the perfect moment with your lens.
They use specially converted open safari vehicles in which each guest is allocated a window seat on both sides of the vehicle. Rangers within the Savé Valley Conservancy have radio contact and will assist in guiding when you are looking for a specific species.
SANGO Wildlife Lodge - Zimbabwe

320 Bird Species
SANGO’s very diverse landscape sets the stage for an impressive avifauna, with more than 320 species regularly recorded on the property. It is a birder’s paradise year-round, with bird diversity in the summer months augmented by the arrival of many migrant species (African Golden Oriole, Broad-billed Roller, Grey-headed Kingfisher, to name a few). Birds of prey are perhaps Sango’s star attractions, with no less than 34 species of vultures, hawks and eagles present, along with eight species of owls.
SANGO Wildlife Lodge - Zimbabwe

Corporate Activities
SANGO offers small group incentives and is best-suited for the top management of your company. The remoteness of the African bush is the perfect setting in which executives can relax, clear their minds, gain a fresh perspective and solve the real issues at hand or plan for the future. Conference facilities can be arranged in a formal indoor conference setting or an informal outdoor set-up, and their dedicated conference organiser will ensure that activities are tailored to each group’s requirements. Telephone, facsimile and internet facilities are available as well as other conference equipment.
SANGO Wildlife Lodge - Zimbabwe

The SANGO Philosophy.
Your heart follows the nature. They at SANGO love nature, the wild and adventure. A variety of activities are on offer that allow you to fill your days from sunrise to sunset.
SANGO Wildlife Lodge - Zimbabwe

Tireless dedication. Monitoring Wildlife. Developing Strategies.
Wildlife numbers at SANGO are established on an annual basis with total area aerial surveys and various scientific ground surveys.
The constant study and monitoring of their climate, soil, water and vegetation by professionals and their wildlife management staff ensures the minimal interference of their operations with nature.
The information obtained from surveys, studies and observations allowed SANGO to develop and implement the following sound ecological management strategies:
Provision of water to wildlife
Minimise the negative effects associated with the provision of water for wildlife by keeping artificial water points to a minimum. Restore the balances that existed prior to the cattle ranching era by reintroducing indigenous species and allowing for natural processes to govern the outcome of their survival.
SANGO Wildlife Lodge - Zimbabwe

Burning and fire management
Allow fire to govern ecosystems through the assimilation of natural fire regimes once found on the African continent.
Protection of vegetation communities
Protect vegetation by removing alien plant species.
Non-consumptive use of animals
Create wildlife viewing opportunities for tourists with minimal interference to the natural environment through policies regarding road construction, etc.
SANGO Wildlife Lodge - Zimbabwe

Infrastructure and waste management
Reduce human influence on the region thanks to the unobtrusive placement of buildings and the appropriate disposal of sorted waste.
The constant collection of information about the natural resources of SANGO and the Save Valley Conservancy allows their wildlife management team to make informed decisions that will ensure the prosperity of both the region and its people. (
SANGO Wildlife Lodge - Zimbabwe

SANGO Wildlife Lodge PO Box 24 Birchenough Bridge Zimbabwe
TEL: +27 21 795 0168 / +27 76 2669492
Managed by: David & Sheryl Goosen
Zimbabwe Holidays Facebook:

Save Valley Conservancy:

SANGO Wildlife Lodge - Zimbabwe

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