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This Saturday we are here to tell you about those sliding doors, often to be found in old barn, and how to creatively recycle them. The idea, as always, was inspired by all of you dear followers.

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As you may be aware, it is not always the case for those who study architecture, design, furnishing or similar topics to be able to transform the theory into practice.
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But what we can be sure about is that Joanna and Chip Gaines, actually can and… they do it so well!
I challenge you to find one project of home restyling in which they were involved that would be nothing but marvelous.
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That goes also for their website and all of their social media profiles. All one could is admire the great quality of its content.
The 6 photos we have chosen will give you an idea on how to effectively recycle those old barn sliding doors and how they could blend with the rest of the furniture, giving it some character and uniqueness.
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That same uniqueness, harmony, class and style we all look for when thinking about a home and not just a house, let aside our own personal preferences and regardless of how those have been incorporated and translated into the project itself.
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We love to think that by reading through and watching these great photos, someone could feel inspired to understand the value of recycling and the contribution to save the planet while being Eco-friendly. Just like the many sides of a diamond, recycling comes in many forms and for sure not only with nice words and by simply sorting wasted materials by kind.

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We kindly invite you to follow Joanna and Chip you will enjoy so…
Till Next Time…
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