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From 4 to 19 September, INTERNI presented Creative Connections: a series of installations, designed by the greats of the project and created by cutting-edge companies that interpret the dream of a better world. 
Three themes were developed:
Care (in design, in production processes, in the use of materials and in the subsequent application of the circular economy);
Sustainability (in the sense of being conscious and as an indication of method, a creative and productive attitude that is fundamental for those who design, do business, invent and experiment)
Mobility/Speed (in both a real and metaphorical sense, and referred to peoples, thought, space, means of transport and technology) 

Three exhibition sites:
-UNIVERSITA’ DEGLI STUDI DI MILANO • via Festa del Perdono 7 • 4-19 settembre 2021
-ORTO BOTANICO DI BRERA • via Fiori Oscuri 4, via F.lli Gabba 10 • 4-12 settembre 2021
-AUDI CITY LAB • via della Spiga 26 • 5-27 settembre 2021

Here are some of the Installations admired:

Università degli Studi di Milano – Cortile d’Onore

Stefano Giovannoni, Survival – Qeeboo (with the lights of Ledvance)
Today, global warming and the pandemic call into question the very survival of the planet and humanity, evoking biblical and apocalyptic events. The installation includes an ark/raft, onto which Qeeboo’s iconic creatures, inspired by nature in the great variety of its forms, are loaded by means of mechanical elevators in a desperate attempt to save animal species and nature itself as a whole. Providence entrusted to Noah (the positive part of mankind) the task of preserving the species so that, after the flood, he would become the progenitor of a reborn humanity. Today the challenge arises again with a strong desire for recovery, capable of promoting a true rebirth of humanity and its relationship with nature” (Stefano Giovannoni) 
All the elements are made strictly in white, in rotational molded polyethylene and in fiberglass.
-Turtle Carry Lamp, Cervo and Giraffe in Love (in fiberglass), designed by Marcantonio;
-Kong and Rabbit Lamp designed by Stefano Giovannoni
-chandelier Fallen designed by Studio Job.
The scene is also enriched in its perimeter by Ledvance outdoor LED strips

Università degli Studi di Milano – Cortile d’Onore – Outdoor lounges

Missoni Home, Righe e fiamme da outdoor
Configurations of the Nap Outdoor sectional sofa in Andalusia striped fabric with Atacama Outdoor flamed black and white cushions.
The mosaic vase-sculpture created by Orsoni Venezia 1888 repeats the colors of the fabric. Lights by Davide Groppi. 
Designed by MissoniHome Studio, Nap Outdoor and Virgola Soft are the two featured collections at the installation that MissoniHome has mounted in the exhibition.
Two interpretations of relaxation for out of doors playing on the soft/rigid contrast and sharing the concept of the sectional composition of the modular elements and that of the iconic, one-off piece: the Nap Outdoor modular sofa, rigid, linear, rigorous, for relaxing on the grand scale, and the Virgola Soft beanbag, comfortable, with gentle lines and easy to place, accompanied by the Cubo Soft pouf. Outdoor design elements, colors and techniques with an unmistakable character make up the project devised for this occasion. The choreographies are flanked by a large artistic mosaic vase-sculpture specially handcrafted by Orsoni Venezia 1888 for Missoni. It reproduces in macro the interplay of lines and colors of the fabric Andalusia.

Università degli Studi di Milano – Cortile d’Onore

Alessandro Zambelli con Guglielmi, Pura – luci Ledvance
A perforated metal menhir as the starting point for a new visionary civilization represents water as a symbol of the whole life cycle.
A play of metaphors created by using a large origami on the four faces of the metal structure recounts the process of change in the form of water: vapor, condensation, accumulation and filtration, all the way to the microfiltration achieved by the most innovative taps.
A  large menhir as the starting point for a new visionary civilization which, by connecting the ground to the sky, underlines the divine value of water, the symbol of the entire life cycle. This is Alessandro Zambelli’s idea embodied in the installation Pura in the Cortile d’Onore, which celebrates water through products by Guglielmi, a historic Italian brand in the faucet sector. A great origami on the four sides of the metal structure recount the processes of the changing form of water: vapor, condensation, accumulation, filtration. The materials are noble and simple, both accumulated by water: wood symbolizing the Earth on which everything rests, and mineral metal, a ductile material generated by crystallization. Inside, the innovative “Tuttuno” multifunction mixer faucet from the Pura collection dispenses water: microfiltered natural, natural cold, sparkling cold and boiling. Illuminated by Ledvance RGB Wi-Fi LED strips capable of interacting with the public, the installation is a sharing space where visitors can appreciate the organoleptic properties of water, filtered through Pura technology and supplied by Guglielmi mixer faucets.

Università degli Studi di Milano – Cortile d’Onore

The Cages, designed by Davide Valoppi of Noarc Studio
Three wooden cages contain the results of the competition which stimulated the creativity of young Spanish students and professionals under 35. 
Contest curated by: AMBASCIATA D’ITALIA A MADRID and INTERNI MAGAZINEwith the collaboration of COAM, DI_MAD, ADI-FAD 
The winners:
Blanca Galán Merino e Pablo Sinan Akgül Garcimartín, “Anyway”;
Amalia Puga Cividanes, “Entre Redes”;
Diego Finger, “Gya”;
Paula Chacártegui, “Kama”;
Daniela Grisel Beizaga Laura, “Marana Wooden Knife”;
Carla Jörgens Vidal, “Nähe”;
Irene Infantes, “Trashumancia”. 
The seven winning projects recount the objects in relation to memory, the genius loci and the spaces.
They were made by the Italian companies: Alessi, Baleri Italia, cc-tapis, Disegno Mobile, Emu, Martinelli Luce e True Design. 
Exhibition design: A journey between Italy and Spain on the theme of the identity object, enclosed in three maxi cages in red lacquered wood
The Cages – Davide Valoppi – Noarc Studio

Università degli Studi di Milano – Cortile d’Onore

Condivisione-Connessione-Convivialità, AMDL Circle & Michele De Lucchi – Whirlpool
The Tower by Michele De Lucchi and AMDL CIRCLE (Davide Angeli deputy studio director, Angelo Micheli studio director) for Whirlpool is a totemic architecture 8.40 meters high which symbolizes, as expressed in its name, an invitation to sharing, connection and conviviality. The structure, with a trapezoidal base, is designed to be easily dismantled and rebuilt elsewhere. The upper part is made of Alucobond® aluminum panels that reflect the changing light and surrounding architecture. The lower part is a curtain of wires that allows fluid access to the interior, where it turns into a “screen” for an evocative audiovisual story. Lights by Artemide.

Università degli Studi di Milano – Cortile d’Onore

Vertical Chalets, Peter Pichler Architecture – Staininger Group Six Senses Kitzbühel Alps. 
Chalet model maker: Antonio La Colla.
Platform and installation: I.R. Servizi.
Sail: Maco Technology.
The five chalets that make up the installation created by Peter Pichler Architecture with Staininger Group Six Senses Kitzbühel Alps, reduced-scale models of the houses that the studio created near Kitzbühel.
The original houses, wooden, gabled structures, include suites ranging from 60 to 80 square meters and each unit contains a bathroom and bedroom with glass walls that offer guests a view of the forest and the mountains.

Università degli Studi di Milano – Cortile d’Onore

“High Intensity Design Training – Fare allenamento con il proprio passato”, NABA
A project by NABA, New Academy of Fine Arts with the supervision of  Claudio Larcher, NABA Design Area leader, and Sara Ricciardi, professor of the Academy.
The students of the three-year course in Design at the NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, under the supervision of Claudio Larcher, NABA Design Area Leader, and Sara Ricciardi, professor of the Academy, have created an energy installation that invites visitors to stay in training, to heed the past without being imprisoned in it.
The installation arises from these considerations High Intensity Design Training – Fare allenamento con il proprio passato, which dialogues with the Cortile d’Onore of the University of Milan: three further colonnades are inserted between its vaults and columns.

Università degli Studi di Milano – Cortile della Farmacia

Il mondo di Ernesto, MC A – Artemide
Ernesto’s world, a project by MC A – Mario Cucinella Architects with Artemide.
Mario Cucinella and Artemide pay homage to Ernesto Gismondi, the group’s founder and soul, in the form of a modular and sustainable architecture. A ‘tower of cards’ spanning 60 years of memories, stories and projects by the iconic lighting brand

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