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#SaturdayRecycling RANDITAN by Randi Tannenbaum - handmade belt buckles
Can excellence be accorded with environmental friendliness? Luxury and green-thinking? It is, indeed, possible. What could be more exclusive than something that, as well as being fabulous and unique, respects the environment throughout its manufacturing processes?
This, for example, is what encouraged us to create and use the hashtag #SaturdayRecycling on our Social profiles and on our blog.
Anybody who has green ideas over the weekend can post something of their own or something borrowed from the Web that has inspired them and might inspire others.
Or you can tell us some names and we’ll go to browse and study to evaluate the hypothesis of talking about it on our blog.
A nice idea, do not you think?
So, if you are passionate about the environment and like to “do your bit” whenever possible, choosing an artist, a designer, a company, an event, etc., with a green soul: talk about it.

#SaturdayRecycling RANDITAN by Randi Tannenbaum - handmade belt buckles

This weekend we played with one of the wonderful belts of the artist Randi Tannenbaum, designer of the RANDITAN brand.
We have created a small photo shoot that I hope you enjoy.
Who is Randi Tannenbaum?
What does the RANDITAN brand produce?
She re-purpose vintage license plates found in dusty attics, barns and auctions, into painted metal hand cut “tiles”.
It also makes panels as furnishing accessories.
“Each plate has a story and it’s fascinating to be able to take a bit of that story and capture it in a buckle, for this reason, it becomes unique and unrepeatable”.
Here you can read the interview she gave us some time ago.

Don’t forget to visit her website and tell us what you think of her wonderful creations.

Gabriella Ruggieri for 1blog4u

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