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PALAZZO RODIO Arthouse & Holidays
PALAZZO RODIO: a new concept.
Already much appreciated as a tourist accommodation, PALAZZO RODIO embraces a new look opening its doors also to art.
From PALAZZO RODIO Vacation Apartments it becomes: PALAZZO RODIO Arthouse & Holidays.
PALAZZO RODIO Arthouse & Holidays
The month of May inaugurated a new season for PALAZZO RODIO, home to an event of great appeal “Art&Wine: a sensory walk among Apulian excellence”. The maison opened its rooms to art and Apulian wine excellences. Special guests were: Arianna Greco, the first painter to use wine as the colors of a palette, Maria Elena Savini, designer of the 100% Made in Italy jewelry brand: “LussoMediterraneo jewels®️” and Tenute Rubino with its excellent wines.
Maria Elena Savini has been then the protagonist of a second event at PALAZZO RODIO with the painter Rossella Andriani.
PALAZZO RODIO Arthouse & Holidays
Without forgetting its original vocation, PALAZZO RODIO is a structure that mixes history and art, ancient and modern, refinement and elegance. An elegant nineteenth century palace in neoclassical style that welcomes guests into a large foyer with high stone vaults. On the first floor, the high white doors lead to the rooms embellished with original art-decò furniture and to the ancient living room with frescoed vault, lace curtains, antique sofas, mirrors and chandeliers in Venetian or French style.
PALAZZO RODIO Arthouse & Holidays
The wide spaces, the elegant furnishings and the light colors of this place convey from the first minute the positive, friendly and welcoming atmosphere of the hosts and the staff always available for every need.
PALAZZO RODIO Arthouse & HolidaysOn the large terraces, you can relax and sunbathe on the deckchairs, in a well-kept garden you can enjoy sweet apricots, citrus fruits, plums or cherries directly from the tree, have breakfast in silence or dine with friends (Thanks to Teresa Rodio Press Office for the welcome and kindness – ph. courtesy Palazzo Rodio)

Gabriella Ruggieri for 1blog4u


PALAZZO RODIO Arthouse & Holidays
Largo Bianchieri 43
72017 OSTUNI (BR) – Italy +39 3387062685 +39 349 1627019

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