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Arketipo Firenze at Salone del Mobile 2018
ARKETIPO continues its cooperation with designers such as Gino Carollo, Leonardo Dainelli, Mauro Lipparini and Giuseppe Vigano’ during the Salone del Mobile di Milano.
The Location: cement and marble effects mark the essence of a highly simple space and lights that add value. Black and white images in different sizes. A range of elements come to gether, adding nothing more to the magic already evoked by their narrative power, and bearing witness to the aesthetic, design and emotional research that unifies the creative face of ARKETIPO Firenze with infinity. With the universe.
AKETIPO Firenze expresses an idea of style, while its sartorial skill is now its card in order to excel everywhere.

OVERDRIVE, by Giuseppe Viganò 2018
Dreamlike and eye-catching, the OVERDRIVE swivel armchair stands out for its extremely striking effect. The dynamic diamond-like form, with long proportions, draws inspiration from the fantasy film world interpreted with a hint of irony. The result is an appealing, must-have object, with a strong character where harmonious combinations, materials and nuances transcend the contemporary world in order to create a lifestyle between dreams and provocation.
Arketipo Firenze at Salone del Mobile 2018
MAYFAIR DREAM, by Leonardo Dainelli 2018
Inspiration comes from haute couture: the refined stitching details provide an irresistible allure to the MAYFAIR DREAM bed. Glamour, elegance and sartorial excellence combine together in order to give distinctive personality to more classic interiors as well as contemporary ones. The elegant horizontal ribbed decoration, padded with down, evokes a huge sensation of comfort at first sight.
Arketipo Firenze at Salone del Mobile 2018
Iride by Bernhardt & Vella
Iride is a sculpture made of lines and circles, with a geometric shape of strong decorative impact that reminds you of Kandinsky’s works. The disc creats a luminous halo similar to several eclipses. The intertwining structure is made from three discs and three bars in micaceous brown metal and one disc and bar in titanium finish.
Arketipo Firenze at Salone del Mobile 2018
Bubble Bobble by Gino Carollo
Originality and appeal characterize Bubble Bobble. A light to furnish and communicate; a light to reflect the spaces. Bubble Bobble is available as a floor lamp and suspension light and implies with irony the lightness of soap bubbles. Its three glass spheres in different shades and dimensions are supported by a structure of thin metal strips. An emotional play of light that draws inspiration from the similarly named videogame.
Arketipo Firenze at Salone del Mobile 2018
Manta by Giuseppe Viganò
There are design objects born to astonish: Manta is one of them. A chaise longue with a strong personality that initially provokes and then restrains with its versatility. Multiple sitting positions allow the best personal comfort and the enveloping back and shape give it an informal and elegant look. (
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