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VENER Lab at Salone del Mobile 2018“It often happened to us to supply carpentry labs with metal frames for the carrying-out of hand-made furniture. This way I started to imagine to accost a substance like metal, of which I know potentiality and limits, to other natural elements. A curiosity from which sprung out the desire to create an aesthetic sensory experience” (Giovanni Vener)
A research that in 2012 brought to the creation of VENER Lab. A team of 12 carpenters, mechanicians and carpenters, carry out the works designed and projected by Giovanni Vener. Stainless steel, aluminium, iron, copper and cortén steel that melt with matters as the chestnut, Lebanese cedar, the stone, the marble, the glass. A route that created modern furniture, unique pieces or anyway in over limited production, that bring an elegant balance between shape and substance, between hand-made and industry archeology, between art and design.
VENER Lab at Salone del Mobile 2018Creations that always recall the suggestions of Larian land: a centuries old root supports a tempered glass surface, the satin shape of Como lake that stands out on the steel surface mirror polished. Then of course the close union with technology and mechanics, as it happens in a surreal table where a submarine propeller rests on a structure realized in a whole block of Ghiandone stone. Or else the bolt that becomes a high table, or even the chain links of a conveyor belt that revive as little support tables or simple decorative elements.
VENER Lab at Salone del Mobile 2018VENER Lab design expresses itself in furniture and complements designed according to a precise concept, always searching for the balance and the harmony between individuals and surroundings, and that this year, for the first time, has been shown to the public of the Salone del Mobile 2018.
VENER Lab at Salone del Mobile 2018Every creation is an unique piece in limited and numbered series, different from any other ones about the materials used and the finishing, rigorously manual, and it can define in a different and unexpected way the interior where is placed. Few materials hand made assembled, joined without using chemical products, combined in an innovative way. The wood comes from our land, it’s worked with interlocking preserving the natural tones. Or else used as it is, only polished, as it happens with the logs that work as bases.
VENER Lab at Salone del Mobile 2018The stone is the ghiandone from the Lombard valleys, a material that offers great firmness and versatility, allowing different processes for every project. The metal is treated in a masterly way, with deep knowledge of any technical and production feature, to reach effects of brightness and contrast that follow and point up the designed shapes. (press release
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