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On March 27, in Milan, in its flagship store at 19 Via Montenapoleone, Italia Independent hosted the “Italia Independent Press Day”.
The staff from 1blog4u attended the event to celebrate their last eyewear collections.
We should also note that the event was truly perfect in all respects: gentle smiles, we were very well received and the hospitality was superb.
Here following some meaningful notes concerning the collections (thanks also to the Press Office for the press release and the technical material furnished us).

ITALIA INDEPENDENT Press Day 27 Marzo 2018

The new ADIDAS Originals Eyewear collection, inspired by the creative and energetic street style culture of ADIDAS originals – at the same time – able to combine the values of both brands, is renewed through two new product families resulting from a careful stylistic and technological research.

ITALIA INDEPENDENT Press Day 27 Marzo 2018

Token Combo
A new exclusive model for ADIDAS Originals created by Italia Independent, bringing together a range of materials into a sleek, considered silhouette which expresses an industrial soul. Premium detailing and an edgy profile install a considered streetwear essence that provides the perfect finish to your ADIDAS Originals look.
– thin front’s – flat lenses also available polarized – thin metal and plastic long temple tips – glossy metal hinges – logo premiumly executed onto the handpeice – adjustable and comfortable nosepads for the perfect fit (AOK001 – AOK002 – AOK003 – AOK003 – AOK004 – AOK005 – AOK006)

ITALIA INDEPENDENT Press Day 27 Marzo 2018

Crystal Injection
A new exclusive model for ADIDAS Originals created by Italia Independent, combining inspirations from minimalism and materialism to create a decorative yet contemporary silhouette that delivers a statement. Soft coloured crystal frames coupled with a variety coloured lenses help provide the final touch to your ADIDAS Originals look.
– transparent temples transform a structural element into a decorative detail – adjustable temples tips to fit any profile – interchangeable nosepads – new design hinges – lasered ADIDAS Originals logo (AOG 000 – AOG 001 – AOG 002 – AOG 003 – AOG 004 – AOG 005)

ITALIA INDEPENDENT sun collection 2018

Superthin Metal
Family characterized by a minimal design but rich in details.
The frames are made of metal and the ceramic hinges and bridge are in contrasting colour.
The frame is fully customised with the brand’s logo – Available also with shaded cosmetic lenses.

ITALIA INDEPENDENT Press Day 27 Marzo 2018

Latest addition to the ITALIA INDEPENDENT family: sunglasses made entirely of steel, rich in detail despite their minimal design.
The frame is super thick with one-piece lugs that make lens insertion easy, while the ceramic nose-pads ensure prolonged comfort as well as innovation.
The machined steel temples have logos in high relief.
Solid colour and gradient-tinted lenses.

ITALIA INDEPENDENT Press Day 27 Marzo 2018

New Gum
Sunglasses characterised by an innovative concept; the front, made entirely of TR90, has a square section on the upper part, which joins with a tubular section on the lower part.
The temples, which bear the ITALIA INDEPENDENT logos in low relief, have squared sections on the initial part, which join with the tubular sections of the end part.
Flexible temples for optimal comfort.
Flat base 2 sunglasses lenses.

ITALIA INDEPENDENT Press Day 27 Marzo 2018

Combo Vintage
Sunglasses with a vintage-inspired design, made of a double combined material.
The vintage I-Combo features an innovative steel and injected cellulose acetate frame, designed with care to ensure maximum comfort.
The steel front frame is screwed onto the bridge and onto the injected cellulose acetate lugs.
The plastic temples sport metal ITALIA INDEPENDENT logos.
The glasses are further enhanced by the metal details on the lugs at the front.

ITALIA INDEPENDENT Press Day 27 Marzo 2018

Sunglasses with an innovative concept: the lenses are in the form of a mask and, once integrated in the structure, also act as a bridge; hence the name lens-bridge.
The temples have the ITALIA INDEPENDENT logo in metal.

ITALIA INDEPENDENT Press Day 27 Marzo 2018

Pop Line, pop and lifestyle family of ITALIA INDEPENDENT that tells of music, graphic design and urban culture, presents new materials, finishes and colors: a collection able to satisfy all needs, allowing everyone to express their personality through the glasses. Introduction of a new design and new materials with combo modeling: TR90 rims, metal bridges and temples, both thin and flexible.

ITALIA INDEPENDENT Press Day 27 Marzo 2018

Eyewear collection made in co-branding.
Characterized by the high technological content and embellished by unique details as in the best tradition of ITALIA INDEPENDENT and ROSSIGNOL, the collection consists of two product families: Avant Garde and Heritage.

Avant Garde
Premium family, maximum expression of the R&D signed by ITALIA INDEPENDENT; the peculiarity of these products inspired by ROSSIGNOL’s best performing collections, are the magnetic straps and blinkers, which allow the use of glasses also for skiing and embellish them, giving a unique look&feel to the frames.

ITALIA INDEPENDENT Press Day 27 Marzo 2018

Two models in five colors each and made in injected acetate.
Two distinctive details: triple metal bridge, combined with the frame color, and a special two-colored hinge, which reproduces the brand colors of ROSSIGNOL.

ITALIA INDEPENDENT Press Day 27 Marzo 2018

Gabriella Ruggieri for 1blog4u

ph.: Italia Independent; Vaifro Minoretti; Gabriella Ruggieri

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