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MARINA CORAZZIARI Jewels Designer at AltaRoma

Wellcome fashion” is the theme chosen by the talented jewelry designer Marina Corazziari which shows a timeless elegance, where the designer is able to cross generations, life situations and historical periods with a thread of nostalgia, for an aesthetic made of delicacy and humor, charm and disenchantment, winking smiles and freedom, to tell, with love.

MARINA CORAZZIARI Jewels Designer at AltaRoma

Pictorial contradictions of jewels on fabric, contamination of fantasies stolen from the sea in contrast to those of enchanted woods, sensuality of velvets contrasted with chiffon sails, for Marina Corazziari each jewel is a tale decorated with precious stones, pearls and rock crystals, turquoise and silver, sapphires and corals, for contemporary testimonies of seductive ageless women.

MARINA CORAZZIARI Jewels Designer at AltaRomaph.: Carlo Tosti

The Marina Corazziari collection is inspired by fantastic pictures which unite the painting to real life, the fantasy to reality, paintings which suddenly come to life. Those of Marina Corazziari are not illusions but suggestions which recounts itself to observers. In every work there is also great irony and skill, a delicacy that is imposed by the art of those who are “behind” the camera, the ability to give a soul to a jewelry transforming into an “instruments” that talk about us, our feelings, memories, our glances, our fantastic suggestions.

MARINA CORAZZIARI Jewels Designer at AltaRoma

Marina Corazziari is, as “Alice in Wonderland”, surrounded by friends… people that make smile her heart, like the Mad Hatter says, skillfully directing a concert of sounds, light touches and delicacy of images, therefore true art, able to overcome the boundaries between fashion and design, dream and creative inspiration… otherwise what is fashion?

Cristina Vannuzzi for 1blog4u

Make Up Italy: Luciano Carino

Ph.: Edoardo Tranchese – I Tranchese Fotografi

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