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(238 Bonview St, San Francisco, CA 94110, U.S.)

Recycled Glasswork
Recycled Glassworks specializes in the production of handmade, unique plates and bowls. Lauren Becker cuts every piece from used window-type glass, and kiln-fires it over molds that give it its new form, as well as a brand new life. They offers a variety of green #tableware, each rescuing some sort of glass otherwise destined for disposal. Old windows, doors, glass shelves, and tabletops now find their way to the dinner table with #amazing plates, bowls, and platters and each piece is unique and exclusive.

 Recycled Glasswork

“In 1996, I started Recycled Glassworks because glass is a wonderful material, both for reuse and for tableware.

My work does not consume any brand-new materials (even my packing materials are reused). Yet the resulting dishes look new and fresh. Plenty of glass exists already; it does not degrade over time. Bottle glass has an established recycling infrastructure. Plate glass, however, ends up in landfill, unless it gets upcycled into a second life” (Lauren Becker)

What could be more exclusive than something that, as well as being #fabulous and unique, respects the #environment throughout its manufacturing processes?

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