While nothing beats the feel and dynamic range of the acoustic percussion, drummers have always been fascinated by the variety of sounds and other capabilities the world of electronic percussion can offer.
Since my very first time using it, the Yamaha DTX Multi 12 has proved to be a natural complement to my acoustic kit (in this video, a Yamaha Live Custom made of Oak).
Demo Yamaha DMX-Multi 12
I mostly used it to create some excitement and the feeling to have a back up band, by using the on/off switch simply with tapping of a pad. Needless to say, that you could use any samples you would want since it is very easy to import them into the unit.
While the loop I used for this performance is a preset factory loaded by Yamaha, it was great fun and somewhat of a challenge to alternate acoustic groove playing with going back and forth with the loop and keep the pulse as consistent as possible. There are many ways to use this pad as a stand alone unit or in a hybrid set such as shown on this “On The Job” video shot at KOSA International Drum Festival.
I highly recommend this unit for some guaranteed fun with endless possibilities.

The unit is for sale at: www.247drums.com


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